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Female, in my 20s. This blog contains Art, photography, nature..sprinkled with poetry, humor and quotes. I think it's *very* important to credit pictures properly; if there's an unknown source I make every effort to find the photographer or artist of that picture. Thanks for checking out my blog.. stay awhile.

Giuditta R (Copenhagen, Denmark) - Rose And Margareth from Drops of Madness series, 2012     Drawings: Pencil, Mixed Media on Paper


Silver Empress of the Night by David Cartier
When You Meet The City (a poem)


When You Meet The City

When you meet the city
don’t mention my name
or that I send my regards

I left for reasons I kept to myself
as its lights shone on my back

tapping my shoulder to remind me
it thought it heard me say
I’d come back to visit some day

but I don’t miss how its buildings
and lights ate up the moon
and stars at night

even better act like you don’t know me
when the city looks over your shoulder
and past you

to see if I’m there.

Trafalgar Square
My second and last entry for the Association of Illustrators Prize for Illustration 2015.

Sunrise by Steffen Binke

Beach Living

Mysterious Waterfall (by Hanson Mao)| Taoyuan City, Taiwan
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